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Personal Care For Someone With Alzheimer's disease.(how to make it easier)

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Bathing can be a very #difficult #task for someone with #Alzheimer's or #Dementia as well as equally hard on the #caregiver performing the task.

Here are some things that may help and make it a more pleasant task. As you provide the care needed for your loved one:

1 Make sure to have all items ready for bathing in advance(water filled at comfortable temperature,soap,towels,wash cloths).As you don't want to add stress to the situation by not being prepared.

2 The bathroom should be well lit,warm, and should have non skid floor mats in and outside the tub,shower seat,hand held #shower and #grab bars. These provide #safety.

3 Soothing music in the shower can be very #calming for person's with Alzheimer's disease.

4 Try to go by the person routine they used when they were well. Did they shower in the morning? or like to bath leisurely? Some people have a hard time getting in and out of tubs as they #age, in some cases you may have to wash them at the sink.Some prefer a sponge bath.

5 The goal is to establish some kind of #routine.

Involve Your Loved One

1 Using steps involving the loved one,verbally cuing them. Like here is your #wash cloth you can wash your face is more effective than splashing or running water on the face which can be anxiety provoking for some people with Alzheimer's. Also avoid a lot of discussion about why they need to bath as the disease alters their reasoning.Instead be kind, very patient winning their #confidence in you bathing them.

2 Sometimes a calendar can be helpful to show last time they were bath as encouragement to bath. if incontinence is an issue it is important the more to bath,be dry and have moisture barriers to #prevent #skin #breakdown.

#bathing #Alzheimer

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